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We just love what we do!

Paul is a down to earth kiwi bloke with over 30 years experience shooting as a advertising photographer. He started his career in his late teens taking photographs of gold medal winning Olympians, Ian Ferguson, Paul McDonald.

Back then it was film not digital and the creative process from the click of the shutter on an Olympus OM10 to a finished print in a one hour photo lab had him hooked.

There has been a strong interest in sports portraiture which has given him the great pleasure of photographing some of our more well known athletes over time.

Having spent a large part of his career in Auckland with wife and producer (fastidious and always on time) Marnie, there were opportunities to gain discipline in all areas of commercial, advertising, portrait, agricultural and industrial photography.

Now Paul is based in Matamata, Waikato and living a relaxed rural lifestyle.

Travel to Auckland and abroad is no issue. As well as catering for his growing client base in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty he also travels up and down the length of beautiful New Zealand.

Pauls honesty and relaxed approach to each assignment has had one client comment that he is not a prima donna, in fact quite the opposite.

Paul will question your idea if he is not convinced of its messaging and Marnie will tell you if there is better value to be had out of the budget. Compromising on quality is not an attribute of Paul's so if he feels someone else could do the job better both Marnie and Paul will tell you.

Give Paul or Marnie a call - they are always up for a coffee and a chat.

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