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Why use Paul?

He's a fun, credible, professional, non-pretentious kiwi bloke with over 25 years of experience, Paul and his team get results quickly, professionally and always within budget.

These are some of the Brands

ANZ, Fonterra, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Auckland University, Asics, Bremworth Carpet, Getty Images, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ballance, Can Am, Claas, CRV, Dairy NZ, Deloitte, Ecolab, FarmSource, F & P, FIL, GEA, PGG Australia,NZ Safety, Sovereign NZ, University of Waikato, Verbatim NY, Virbac, Waka Kotahi, Waikato Milking Systems, Waikato River Trails, Waitemata Films.


“Funny, talented, loud, caring, professional.” 

Cheryl Brown - Account Manager, Wave Advertising


interpersonally focused / affable


real / NZ focus


"Paul is excellent at working with people - he gets great results from talent be it professional or street cast. As an art director he is sensitive to my needs and is charming to clients.

Paul and his team seamlessly work with a wide range of subject matter, on a wide scale range and budget. Which means I can consider him for wide range of projects. Behind the scenes Pauls team are flexible problem solvers with a true kiwi can do attitude.

Paul and his team have great access to Real New Zealand Talent. Their ability to find real kiwis has helped me create content that feels real and relatable. His team manages it without any drama.

Scarily getting the photo exactly how you want it can boil down to the right decisions in a few fleeting moments. Im always confident I'll get what I want when I'm heading out to shoot with Paul."

G. Fry (Insight)

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